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Before and 4 Months After Liposuction

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4 Months After PowerX  by Robert T. Motazedi, MD
4 Months After PowerX by Robert T. Motazedi, MD

Dr. Robert Motazedi uses the newest liposuction technology to remove unwanted fat from stubborn areas like the abdomen, hips, knees and back. The Colorado Laser Clinic offers Power X technology to remove these fat deposits. Safer by far than traditional surgical liposuction, utilizing only local anesthetic. This minimally invasive technique uses superior technology that allows easy removal of fat deposits causing only minimal damage to the surrounding tissues. That means that the fat cells themselves are gone, never to return. Stomachs, love handles, back fat, knees, thighs and unsightly arms are easy to treat and require little to no down time. Most patients are able to return to work the next day and can resume light physical activity in one week.


Power X technology unlike other reciprocating power-assisted liposuction technologies, uses a controlled rotational cannula that quickly and effectively treats unwanted fat while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissues. A local anesthetic is used prior to the procedure and allows the physician to perform treatment without having to fully sedate the patient. For sensitive patients, oral medications can be administered prior to the treatment. Most patients report very little pain during the treatment and usually do not require strong pain medications afterwards.

When compared to the dimpled appearance of traditional liposuction, the PowerX System allows the physician to orient the cannula tip opening to the desired starting point. This feature reduces contour irregularities, dimpling and allows for more superficial sculpting applications.

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Before and 4 Months After Liposuction
Treatment performed by Robert T. Motazedi, MD

Safety is Paramount

As one would expect from any medical grade laser, the PowerX has undergone years of testing. Benefits associated with this procedure include minimal blood loss, very little bruising, smaller incisions and fewer complications. PowerX lipo requires only local anesthesia. This means that patients are fully conscious during the procedure and can provide the doctor with immediate feedback.

For patients with only small areas of fatty deposits or those that are looking for treatment without surgery, we also provide Cool Sculpting, a non-invasive approach to liposuction.

Come in and See what we can do

The Colorado Laser Clinic offers a no charge consultation to determine if PowerX Lipo is the right choice for you.

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