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Fraxel Fractional Resurfacing

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frxl1 (1)

After 2 Fraxel treatments at the Colorado Laser Clinic

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frxl2 (2)

After 4 Fraxel treatments at the Colorado Laser Clinic

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After 4 Fraxel treatments at the Colorado Laser Clinic

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After 4 Fraxel treatments at the Colorado Laser Clinic

Crow's Feet Before
Fraxel and Botox
Crow's Feet Before Fraxel and Botox
After 4 Fraxel Txs
and Botox
After 4 Fraxel Txs and Botox

Fraxel™ Restore


Fractionated or Fraxel™ resurfacing works by pixelating the beam into tiny dots. These tiny dots of light send columns of heat down into the dermal and epidermal layers of your skin. Within the dermis collagen and elastin keep skin taut and young looking. As we age the body produces less collagen and elastin, resulting in sagging skin and an older appearance. The Fraxel™ laser penetrates into the dermis creating tiny lesions encouraging the body to use its own healing mechanisms to tighten and build new collagen. This process significantly speeds up the body’s natural cycle of re-growth, resulting in fresh, younger looking skin.


As important as the areas that the laser does touch are the areas left intact. Since only minute areas are affected by the laser, the body doesn't have as much repair work to do as it would if you treated an entire area uniformly. Patients are able to apply makeup on day three and return to normal activities with sun protection.

Most individuals require four to six treatments with the Fraxel™ laser to achieve the maximum result. Prior to your treatment, a numbing paste will be applied to the area. This numbing cream will make you more comfortable during your Fraxel treatment. After treatment you might feel as if you have a mild to moderate sunburn for a couple of hours. You can expect to have minor swelling that usually resolves in a couple of days. Mild dandruff like peeling occurs in the treatment area and slowly resolves over a two week period. This peeling is usually not visible, but patients will notice that every day after treatment their skin will feel smoother and smoother. Your skin will be pinker immediately after the Fraxel and this will resolve in a day or two. Patients with a lot of sun damage may notice their skin color will become lighter and more even colored as the dead outer layer is exfolliated over the two week "peeling" period. Treatments are scheduled one month apart. You will need to wear sunscreen with a 30 SPF or higher and avoid direct sun exposure for two weeks prior to treatment and at least one month after. Fraxel results can last for up to three years. The length of time results will last will depend on your skin care after the treatment, your skin type, sun exposure and numerous other factors.

Patients that tan easily will need to use a fading cream for two weeks before each treatment to help avoid a tanning reaction from the laser treatment. A zinc-based sun screen should also be used prior and for the duration of your Fraxel treatments. If you are having your face treated, we will request you use anti-biotic and anti-viral medications to help prevent infection and cold sores during the post healing period.

Fraxel can be used on the face, neck and chest for textural issues, wrinkles, mild acne scarring, stretchmarks and sun damage. This treatment is easily tolerated and patients do not need someone to accompany them or drive them home. Because makeup can not be applied until day four, those considering the Fraxel procedure should not schedule anything important during the first three days.

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