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CO2 Facial Resurfacing


CO2 Full Ablative Laser Resurfacing

Traditional CO2 laser resurfacing (not to be confused with CO2 Fractional) is still considered to be the gold standard of all laser treatments used to treat wrinkles, photo-aging and sagging skin. Laser resurfacing can take as much as 10 to 20 years off your appearance in just one treatment, but this treatment is dramatically different from traditional plastic surgery. Traditional surgical face lifts reverse the aging process by cutting and pulling up excess skin. Since the surface of the skin is left untouched, sun damage, age spots, rough skin, and large pores are left unaffected. The face is surgically altered to look younger, but on a cellular level is left unchanged.


Laser resurfacing works in an entirely different way. First, the outer dead layers of skin are removed. Any sun damage, pre-cancerous growths, age spots or other surface imperfections are reduced and smoothed out. Second, as the laser moves across the skin's surface, wrinkles and sagging skin are pulled up and tightened. Finally, the laser tightens as well as stimulates skin's matrix and a new collagen layer forms within the skin increasing its thickness and elasticity. After laser resurfacing, newly treated skin cells viewed under a microscope appear younger and rejuvenated. When compared to traditional plastic surgery, laser resurfacing gives patients a more natural appearance.


Dr. Motazedi has been treating patients for more than 25 years and has performed well over 6,000 CO2 full face laser procedures in his Colorado Springs clinic. Ten years ago, patients could expect to spend 14 days at home recovering. Now due to Dr. Motazedi's extensive experience, hydration and new innovations in CO2 laser treatment, our patients can expect only a 7 to 10 day downtime. After that, patients can return to work and makeup can be applied to the treated area. Most patients can expect the treated areas to be pink for about six weeks after treatment and are able to a use water-based foundation. Full recovery usually occurs within 6 to 8 weeks.